EV8 Technologies builds business models of the future to accelerate the energy transition

Background The Team

EV8 is a joint venture

EV8 technologies is a joint venture in which our three organizations have joined forces to combine global boardroom reach with a decade of niche IP, data, and world-class technology.

As the lines blur between the energy, infrastructure and transport sectors, EV8 helps accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world and drive commercially viable solutions that bring value to both businesses and consumers.

EV8 | Richard Forest

“Working with executives across the globe, many are approaching us to identify how and where they should participate in new opportunities driven by an accelerating energy transition trend. The convergence of industries and technologies means no one has the full capability set to succeed alone so cooperation across sectors is critical. Through EV8 technologies we provide access to deep expertise, leading consortiums and the ‘hands-on’ capability to build new, commercially viable business models of the future.”

Richard Forrest

Chairman EV8 technologies and lead partner of A.T. Kearney’s global energy practice

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EV8 | Robert Evans

“Cenex has been going strong for more than a decade, operating with industry, academia and government to help define and shape innovations across the energy and automotive sectors. In this role, we have accumulated the technical knowledge of what has gone before, and continue to work closely with the industry to foresee what is on the horizon. EV8 is a clear way for Cenex to embed our technical knowledge into the underlying applications that will enable and accelerate real change across the market.”

Robert Evans

CEO, Cenex

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EV8 | Nathan Grant

“Our team has been building technical solutions for industry and are happiest when working at the forefront of innovation. As specialists in handling huge quantities of data, linking assets with service models and deploying at scale, EV8 technologies is a great alignment with our capabilities. Having worked with the A.T. Kearney and Cenex teams over a number of years now, the potential to make a real change was too important an opportunity to miss.”

Nathan Grant

CEO, Brixworth Technologies

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The Team

The leadership team of EV8 technologies have been operating at the forefront of the energy transition for the last decade, bringing hands on expertise that has been proven in markets across the globe.

From leading the largest community storage initiative in Europe, advising Fortune 100 businesses on their strategy and deploying global IoT solutions, the team brings together the innovation, drive and passion to make a real difference to the way we use energy, and in turn, accelerate the energy transition.

EV8 | Tom Harper

Tom Harper

Chief Executive Officer and
Board Member

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Tom Harper is the driving force behind the founding of EV8 technologies, bringing together partners with a shared vision and passion to accelerate the energy transition. He has spent his career in the energy and technology sectors, working across the globe with some of the world’s largest companies. Tom is enthusiastic about the future convergence of the energy, transport and infrastructure sectors, and the resulting commercial opportunities.

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Dr Becky Roberts

Head of Solutions

Becky Roberts is Head of Solutions for EV8 technologies. Her knowledge and interests are in deciphering how the energy and transport sectors are converging and becoming intrinsically linked. She has worked with numerous large organizations to help identify ways in which their companies, specifically their fleets, should be transitioning to low-carbon alternatives such as electric vehicles and other renewable technologies. Becky is a leading UK expert in future technology for the integration of electric vehicles into the energy sector and their role in future-proofing the electricity network.

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Philippe Grosjean

Chief Technology Officer

Philippe Grosjean is EV8 technologies’ Global CTO charged with defining the innovation strategy for the business. Philippe’s career in hi-tech spans 25 years, originally working at Schneider Electric followed by various management and executive positions at Honeywell’s S&C Division. Philippe is passionate about the intersection of science and technology in people’s lives. He believes that analytics is not only at the heart of what we do at EV8 but also the force that inspires and drives change across organizations.