Instructions and Cookie Banner

No consent is required for essential cookies.  Essential cookies are cookies that are “necessary” to provide the service requested by the user.  They include cookies that:

  • uniquely serve a security purpose;
  • are essential to render certain content;
  • remember language choices; and
  • remember the content of a shopping basket.

For non-essential cookies, such as those serving advertising and analytics purposes, consent is required.  Merely relying on the browser settings of the user for the acceptance of cookies is insufficient.  Consent must be obtained by means of a banner appearing on the website during the first visit of a user to the website.

The banner should read as follows:

“This website uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.  Some of our cookies are essential to provide you with our service, other cookies enable us to improve the structure of our Website and provide more relevant content.  Please click “I accept” to allow us to provide you with the full experience.  For more information, please consult our Cookie Policy. [I accept]”

Non-essential cookies should not be posted until the user actually used the website.  Clicking on the link in the banner for more information on cookies does not qualify as consent.

EV8 Technologies should record the consent obtained and be able to demonstrate that consent was obtained.

If EV8 Technologies does not use non-essential cookies, there is no need to obtain consent and a banner containing the following information will suffice:

“This website uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.  You have the right to opt-out from these cookies.  For more information, please consult our Cookie Policy.”

This Cookie Policy applies to EV8 Technologies website (“Website”).  It should be read together with the Website Privacy Policy (see EV8 – website policy – vx.y.pdf).

EV8 Technologies uses cookies on its Website.  Cookies are files that websites send to your computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify your browser or to store information or settings on your device. The cookies can subsequently be accessed by EV8 Technologies’ web servers.

Our Sites may use cookies (such as HTTP and HTML5 cookies) and Flash cookies, as well as other types of local storage (such as browser-based or plugin-based local storage). Your browser may tell you how to be notified when you receive certain types of cookies and how to restrict or disable certain cookies. You also may be able to delete your Flash cookies or adjust your Flash cookie settings by visiting the Adobe Flash Website Storage Settings Panel and Global Storage Settings Panel. Please note, however, that without cookies you may not be able to use all of the features of our Sites.


The table below provides an overview of the cookies we use and why we use them.

Strictly necessary cookies

The following cookies are essential for the Website to function, for example, to secure the Website or to provide a service you requested, such as remembering your language preference.  These are “session cookies” (cookies that expire at the end of each user session) and “persistent cookies” (cookies that stay on your device after your session).

Cookie name Provider Purpose Duration of the cookie
(e.g., Google Analytics)

(e.g., Please consult their privacy policy here.)



You can disable these cookies by changing the settings of your browser.  Note, however, that if you block the placing and accessing of these strictly necessary cookies, you will not be able to use the Website or we may not be able to provide the requested service.

Functionality and Performance Cookies

The use of the following cookies enables us to follow users over time to improve the structure of our Website and provide more relevant content.  The Website also use third-party cookies for web analytics purposes (e.g., to manage and improve the performance and design of the Website).  As these cookies are not essential for our Website to function, we only set these cookies with your consent.  The Website use session and persistent cookies for these purposes.

Cookie name Provider Purpose Duration of the cookie
(e.g., Google Analytics)


You can disable these cookies by changing the settings of your browser.

How to Disable Cookies

You can block and delete cookies by adapting the settings of your browser.  For more information on how to do this, please consult:

Other Technology We Use

In conjunction with gathering information through cookies, our web servers may log information such as your device type, operating system type, browser type, domain, and other system settings, as well as the language your system uses, and the country and time zone where your device is located. The web server logs also may record information such as the address of the web page that referred you to our Sites and the IP address of the device you use to connect to the Internet. They also may log information about your interaction with the Sites, such as which pages you visit. To control which web servers collect information by automated means, we may place tags on our web pages called “web beacons,” which are small files that link web pages to particular web servers and their cookies. We also may send instructions to your device using JavaScript or other computer languages to gather the sorts of information described above and other details about your interactions with the Sites.

How To Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Cookie Policy, please contact us by email at