The challenge

The way we produce and consume energy is changing fast. Energy storage solutions have the ability to accelerate the transition to renewable electricity but are generally expensive with long paybacks. By proving the affordability of storage, the affordability and demand for energy storage is set to increase.

At EV8 Technologies, we believe the electrification of transport has a central role to play in this energy transition. Electric vehicles (EV) offer a scalable model to energy storage, by harnessing where, when, and how vehicles charge, EVs will unlock a range of new business models.

EV8 Switch

EV8 Switch helps consumers make the right decision about going electric, simplifying the process by analysing your journeys and driving needs, so you can decide whether owning an electric vehicle (EV) suits your lifestyle.

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EV8 Live

EV8 Live will harness the potential for electric vehicles to become a central component in our energy system, helping customers make and save money through vehicle charging.

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