EV8 Technologies at SLUSH 2022

SLUSH is the world’s leading start-up event and largest gathering of venture capital with 2,600 investors and 4,600 founders and start-ups.

EV8 Technologies are at SLUSH 2022 this week attending a number of exciting events, along with exhibiting within the Demo Booths.

The EV8 Technologies team, including Becky Roberts (COO), Felix Mackenzie (CCO), and Chris Berry (CSO) attended a combination of the following events:

  • Women founders and VC breakfast hosted by Google for start-ups: This event brought together 200 pioneering founders who identify as women from across Europe, VCs, Angel Investors and friends of the start-up community.
  • Start-ups for sustainable development: This event brought together start-ups, investors, organisations, and corporate partners to discuss how the role of impact start-ups can be accelerated and supported in creating a more sustainable future.
  • The Automotive Future – BMWs search fields for start-up technologies: In this exclusive side event for start-ups and investors, the BMW Start-up Garage answered; what the car of the future would look like? Which technologies are needed to design, develop and build it? How will the automotive industry enable interaction in the future? And what role can start-ups play to shape this future?

EV8 Technologies also had a Demo Booth at the event, showcasing EV8 Technologies capabilities and products, including EV8 Switch and EV8 Live.