How could EV8 Switch help you?

Concerned about cost? Range anxiety? Going electric doesn’t have to be complicated. Our EV8 Switch app will help you decide whether going electric is the right choice for you.

See if you could save money

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Discover if an EV is suitable for you

See what EVs could be right for you

Find charge points on your journey

Switch App screenshot of journey log

Monitor & log journeys

EV8 Switch works best when EVs are compared against your existing vehicle. Once you’ve told us about your vehicle and you are registered, the app will monitor and log your journeys to build up a picture of your driving behaviour and how you get around.

The 14 day challenge

For EV8 Switch to provide more reliable results, you will need to collect 14 days of driving data to unlock personalised insights, advice and recommendations. Once you have recorded your first journey, the 14 day challenge begins!

Switch App screenshot of 14 day challenge screen

Switch App screenshot of Journey Analysis Screen

Analyse journeys & travel patterns

Your driving data is used to calculate the real cost and environmental benefits of switching to an EV based on your individual needs and driver behaviour. EV8 Switch also highlights how often you would need to charge your EV and the location of chargepoints along your routes.

Advise whether you could switch to an EV

Our ‘Switchability Score’ indicates how suitable an EV would be for your needs. It’s real-time analysis of your driving behaviour helps you visualise how an EV could fit into your lifestyle.

Switch App screenshot of Electric Vehicle Recommendations

Recommend electric vehicles

Our app makes it easy to find the right EV for your driving needs by providing bespoke electric vehicle recommendations based on your existing vehicle and the journey data you have logged.