EV8 Switch at Cenex-LCV 2021

If you’re visiting the Cenex-LCV event at the UTAC Millbrook Proving Ground, or joining the Cenex-LCV virtual conference you will be invited to try out the new EV8 Switch app.

EV8 Switch helps you assess if an electric vehicle (EV) is right for you, based on your driving style and behaviours. All you do is download, drive and decide – it’s as simple as that!

After downloading the free EV8 Switch app (available soon from the App Store or Google Play) and recording your first journey you’ll start to see personalised insights, advice and recommendations. Your driving data will help calculate the real cost and environmental benefits of switching to an EV based on your individual needs and driving behaviours. EV8 Switch also highlights how often you would need to charge your EV and the location of chargepoints along your driving routes.

After two weeks of driving you’ll get a ‘Switchability Score’ which clearly indicates how suitable an EV would be for you. The analysis of your driving behaviour will help you consider how an EV could fit into your lifestyle and EV8 Switch provides personalised EV recommendations based on your existing vehicle and the journey data you have logged.

Even if you’re not driving to LCV this year you’ll be still have a chance to download the app using the QR codes in the event showguide. And if you would like to find out more about EV8 Switch, or see a demonstration of the app, we invite you to join our virtual seminar session at 11am on Monday 21st September, or alternatively, visit the Cenex stand on the show days.