Here at EV8 we’re on a mission to accelerate the energy transition.

We believe that increasing numbers of Electric Vehicles (EVs) will create new opportunities for everyone. So we create and build apps to enable the business models of the future and we partner with businesses to help them deliver new service offerings for their customers. We’re helping to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world and drive commercially viable solutions that bring real value to businesses and consumers.

Our aims are clear:

  • Make the complex simple – we build the underlying apps to enable future business models involving EVs and the energy system
  • Connect the market – bring together industries, consumers, technology and innovation
  • Help businesses transition – providing a means to participate in the energy transition – from saving money on transport to enabling new services.

Our activity in the UK is driven by the UK Government’s upcoming ban on the sale of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles in 2030 as part of the road to Net Zero. We believe that people want to make an informed decision, so one of our first initiatives was to develop the EV8 Switch app to support the transition to EVs.

Coming soon and free to download from the App Store and Google Play, EV8 Switch will help you decide if an EV is right for you. Once you’ve recorded your first journey, The 14 Day Challenge begins – unlocking personalised insights, advice and recommendations. Your driving data helps to calculate the real cost and environmental benefits of switching to an EV based on your individual needs and driving behaviour. EV8 Switch also highlights how often you would need to charge your EV and the location of chargepoints along your routes.

So all you do is download, drive and decide – its as simple as that!

Keep up to date with our news and what’s next as we all transition to a low-carbon world.

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